Finding Joy in The Ordinary

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Finding Joy in Unusual Places

The cover of my new diary for 2021 is emblazoned with the following words:

‘Find joy in the ordinary.'

As I sifted through every single diary on the shelf, looking for the one in which I could write my notes and daily to-dos, this one spoke to me the most.

It seemed apt, after all, given that what has come as the biggest surprise as a result of focusing on living a slower and more sustainable life, has been finding joy in the ordinary and everyday experiences.

I shared here some months ago about the joy I experienced from consciously purchasing a dishcloth. Even though that same cloth is not quite as bright white as it was back then, it still provides a small sparkle of joy each time I see it simply because it reminds me of the joy I felt when I bought it.

I, for one, have never felt that with a dishcloth before and can’t imagine feeling anything like that picking up a packet of Chux in the supermarket aisle.

Truth be told, had anyone suggested something so outrageous prior to that moment, I might have thought they were a little bit mad!

And yet, here I am, months later, fondly remembering the purchase of a dishcloth. Responsibly made with natural materials. Pretty simple really.

And it’s one of the simplest and most profound reminders of the impact conscious and sustainable living provides. It’s more than just keeping a few plastic bags from landfills. It’s about our enjoyment and quality of life too.

It’s the joy found in the ordinary.

Because, as I said in one of the Simply Sustainable Living workshops late last year, we’re doing all this everyday stuff anyway. Why not find ways to bring some more joy into it?!



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