We Are Teaching Them How To BE

reduce waste sustainable living teach child Dec 06, 2020
"You are teaching your child how to ‘be’ in the world."

I heard this quote on a podcast several years ago and it has stayed with me.

Sometimes it is daunting (like the times I’m not quite the parent I’d like to be…) But sometimes it brings me peace. Remembering that my children are learning from my imperfection too.

Learning to make mistakes. Learning to try and do their best. And then try all over again. That starting, failing, learning and trying again are part and parcel of life.

It’s also part of learning to question the ‘norm’. To question the broader consequences of our choices. The impact, the waste, the flow on effects.

This is such a huge part of the Simply Sustainable Living Program. Including my children in living in a way that is more sustainable is a key part of this for me. And from the conversations I have with people through this work, I am not alone in this.

It is not only about what we do. And it is certainly not about just teaching our children sustainable living practices in specific teaching moments.

It is about showing them how to be in the world. How to consume in a conscious and considered way. To question how and why we do things and to seek understanding. To do better when we know better. That we don’t necessarily have to chain ourselves to trees in order to care for our environment.

In the Simply Sustainable Living Program you will find ways of implementing sustainable living practices into your homes in ways that allow all family members to be involved and learn - without requiring massive shifts in your routines.

The doors to the Simply Sustainable Living Program are open for enrollment until tomorrow night (Thursday) at 10pm.

Here’s what one participant had to say about the Simply Sustainable Living Program:

‘Doing this program has given me more information, ideas and tools to make small changes easy enough for everyday life. It really gives you the insight that by doing small easy changes here and there, (it) can and does make a big difference.’

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