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Living sustainably doesn't have to be another task on the to-do list. It's about doing things that are sustainable for our time and energy and practical for modern living as well as good for the Earth.

Leaning in to trusting myself whilst making major life decisions

In this episode I talk about how I threw logic out the window in favour of leaning into trusting my gut when making some pretty major life decisions. This was part of consciously making very intentional decisions to allow more ease into my life.

I recognized that some of my major life decisions hadn’t been very intentional so I decided to give myself some space to see whether I still wanted those choices to continue. What eventuated was an opening of opportunities I could never have predicted.

I share a couple of my theories on making decisions to allow life to be easier and feel good and look at whether it is possible to live a slower, more intentional life within this busy, modern world.

I went from feeling like I was the odd one out where life just wasn’t working for me to realizing more and more women are actually feeling exactly the same and it’s up to all of us, to help each other rise.

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Why I love living in a Tiny House with Marnie Prowse

3:22 -Why Marnie and her family decided to change the way they were living and the benefits they have seen in their lifestyle 
8:46 - The best part of living in a tiny house 
10:53 - Challenges you have living in a tiny house 
12:08 - The compromises we make in trying to find solutions to fit 100% of possible scenarios and the benefits of choosing the best option for 90% of the time 
14:55 - Allowing ourselves to do what works for us for as long as it works for us and not interpreting something as a failure if it doesn’t last forever 
17:30 - The process that she went through in designing, getting rid of things, and moving 
24:50 - Tips on simplifying wardrobe 
32:35 - Toy rotations and having fun with kids 

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Feeling overwhelmed and not having enough time - and what I did to get out of overwhelm

1.25 –Finding myself overwhelmed and busier than I would like to be and how I reframed that

2.05 – Looking at what I can choose that will allow we to feel better and do what I need to do

2.25 – Learning to ask for what we need

3.00 – Reflecting on what has actually been achieved to get out of the thought spiral that is keeping me in overwhelm

4.30 – Sometimes if feels like we don’t have choice, but we always have a choice.

5.30 – Countering the feeling of overwhelm

6.00 – Choosing to view things from a different perspective and choosing the option that is going to serve me better

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Is a limited wardrobe limiting?

2.00 – Some sharing/renting situations are quite common place, but some are less common.
2.55 – A review of my capsule wardrobe whilst travelling (very limited and yet still more than I needed) and why it was fantastic
6.00 – The paradox of having more choice in my wardrobe and why it is
8.30 – The ‘just in case’ wardrobe
10.15 – exploring the renting option for clothes
12.00 – Finding diamonds in the 2nd hand market
13.35 – A practical way to deal with the ‘just in case’ clothes

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The impact our possessions have on us and the benefit of having less

0.22 – In this episode I’m talking about stuff, our things and how things impact our lives.
1.23 – The Minimalists challenge, how it works and why I did it.
2.00 – Of almost 500 possessions that I removed from my home, there was only 1 thing that was hard to part with.
3.50 – How good it felt to part with things that I no longer needed and to actually make the decision about whether keep it or move it on.
6.27 – What we found when we stopped keeping on top of things with tidying the house and how much it affected our energy.
7.50 – How our world has changed massively in the past 50-60 years in terms of sensory input but our brains haven’t evolved to handle all of this input.
9.30 – Starting out with small experiments to see how much having less stuff around us is impacting us.
11.20 – How we downsized with a growing family and reducing our linen storage by ¾ - and realized we still had everything we needed.
12.30 – How we fit everything we need for a family of 5 to live into 18m2 and realized we still had everything we needed
14.48 – The experiment I tried with having less toys for the kids and how much more they play with them.

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What the Kickstart philosophy is all about

0.41 – In this episode I discuss how I’m navigating trying to create a simpler, more sustainable and more intentional life in a busy, modern world.
1.00 – The glorification of being busy and being done with the constant running
2.00 – Just because there are options, doesn’t mean we have to choose them.
2.30 - How I found myself constantly busy, and even when I wasn’t I felt guilty about not being busy.
3.20 – The start of living with less stuff and reaping the benefits of having less
6.28 – The enforced experiment of keeping things clean and tidy and what I learnt from this.
8.55 – The unexpected side effect of our decluttering experience
10.23 – what sustainable living means to me. It’s more than just being sustainable for the planet. It’s got to be sustainable for our time, our energy and our finances as well.
10.46 – How doing things that we know aren’t sustainable for us, and we justify it by being ‘just for a set period of time’ and how it can end up being replaced by the next thing and the next thing and becomes an ongoing cycle of busyness.
11.50 – How the cycle of living slower and having less stuff can perpetuate itself and it all gets easier.
13.15 – The liberation that comes with recognizing that everything in our lives is because we have chosen it. If we have the power to create it, then we also have the power to change it and how empowering that realization is. 

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What's this all about?

After becoming a parent, I found myself constantly busy with life. Juggling work, kids, daycare drops offs, home life…. All the things.

I found myself wanting things to be different. And although I wanted things to be different, I didn’t quite know what I wanted ‘different’ to look like. I just knew I wanted to slow down and have more time for the things I wanted to do. But modern life didn’t seem to allow for that. Both parents working, always something else to do or somewhere else to be.

I decided to explore what it might be like if things were different and whether I could make that a reality. To slow down, be more intentional with my time and to live in a way that is sustainable for me, as well as my family. All the while seeking out a bit more happiness.

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