Are you ready to reduce your waste?


Are you ready to create a better future for the planet by reducing your household's footprint?

Sustainable living doesn't have to be difficult. With a few simple tweaks, you can greatly reduce the impact of your lifestyle on the earth without sacrificing your lifestyle. Because the truth is, if we don't deal with it now, our children are going to be paying for it in the future.

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News of climate change, deforestation and damage to the Reef make headlines on a daily basis these days.

We know the way we are living is not sustainable. In fact, if everyone in the world lived the way the average Australian does, we would need 3 Earths to support us.

Clearly, this is unsustainable. But it can be hard sometimes to know what we can do about it.

We're just one person (or one household), afterall. Can we really make a difference?

Actually, we can.

We might not be able to solve the word's deforestation problems and we might not be able to reverse all the effects of climate change on our own, but our individual actions absolutely can make a difference.

And they can contribute to extraordinary impact. Especially when we start making small changes as part of a collective.

You can be one of the ones doing it imperfectly.

There's about 6.5 million family households in Australia - if even a quarter of them reduced their waste by just 10 or 20%..... That's a reduction of waste going to landfill of hundreds of thousands of tonnes. Every year!

And then there's the resources that no longer need to be used to make stuff that goes to landfill.

You pickin' up what I'm what I'm puttin' down?

By being part of a movement of individuals taking simple (and practical!) steps to lighten our footprints and live just a little more sustainably..... It's something worth doing.

What is Simply 
Sustainable Living?

Simply Sustainable Living is a 6 week program breaking down the overwhelm of what to actually do when you want to reduce waste and reduce your footprint so that you can create a better future for our children and our planet. 

It's a step by step process that makes living in a way that is better for the planet, easy. Covering everything from reducing food waste and recycling to clothing and low tox cleaning, each topic is broken into simple, manageable steps that are practical for busy, modern life. 

Forget the overwhelm and the guilt of feeling like you're not doing enough to reduce your impact. Simply Sustainable Living provides a step by step process for how you can reduce your footprint in ways that work for you

"We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly, we need millions of people doing it imperfectly. "
- Anne-Marie Bonneau

Setting you up for success

  • Simple setups to make reducing your impact around the home easy. A simple setup that works in your home, with your routines is critical so that it is easy for you and your family to all work together in reducing your footprint. 
  • Your next simple step - the simplest way to start (or continue) your sustainable living journey.

Reducing Waste

  • Reduce waste, nail your recycling game and discover the easiest ways to divert food waste from landfill.
  • What goes where? The simple steps to make recycling more efficient, especially resources not able to be recycled via kerbside collection. 

Simply Sustainable Food

  • Reduce your impact by reducing your food waste
  • Simple hacks to save time, resources AND money in the kitchen.
  • Meat - how we can reduce the impacts of our meat consumption (without having to give up meat!)

What's that Chemical?

  • Simple, low tox (and low cost) cleaning options
  • The simplest ways to switch to a sustainable  bathroom and laundry.

Making Real Impact

  • Demystifying green energy and understanding what's actually involved (and the real cost) of switching to green energy
  • Easy ways to reduce your water usage (and your bills).
  • How to use your time and energy for the greatest good.

Fast fashion and Ongoing Change

  • Practical (and affordable) ways to tackle fast fashion.
  • Simplifying our belongings and becoming a conscious consumer.

Ready to enroll in Simply Sustainable Living?


Ok, let's recap.

Here's what you get when you join Simply Sustainable Living:

- Six easy to follow modules released weekly starting 29 June 2021.

1. Setting you up for success

2. Reducing Waste

3. Simply Sustainable Food

4. What's that Chemical?

5. Making Real Impact

6. Fast Fashion and Ongoing Change

So how much is the investment to be able to radically reduce your footprint with ease in just 6 weeks? 

Cashflow friendly

Join with the cashflow friendly option of 3 x monthly installments of $97.


One time payment

Save 15% when you pay in full

Join with the full pay option
just 1 installment of $247



VIP Experience

Get additional one on one support for 12 weeks

1 installment of $797


The Making Sustainable Living Easy Bundle

  • In this bonus bundle you'll find brain-based science and practical exercises to make sustainable living easy.
  • Includes 2 x interviews with neuro-change expert Sam Tornatore

Additional Bonuses

  • Eliminate waste with ease straight away with Simply Swaps to Eliminate Waste (Value $19)
  • Finally stop wondering whether that package can be recycled and simply refer to the 'A-Z Guide for recycling'. Finding out what can and can't be recycled is quick and easy so that you can reduce waste headed for landfill. (Value $49)
  • Stop wondering what to actually feed your family when you're trying to reduce meat with 'Family friendly recipes for minimal meat and meat free meals' (Value $49)
  • Host minimal waste celebrations with ease with the 'Guide for minimal waste and sustainable celebrations' (Value $49) 
  • Join a like-minded group of women for support and inspiration with access to the members only Facebook group (Value $Priceless!)
  • PLUS
  • Bonus Bundle - Making Sustainable Living Easy - includes 2 interviews with Sam Tornatore (Value $99)

Total Bonus Value = $265



6 modules of the Simply Sustainable Living Program - $247 
PLUS $265 value of bonuses 

= $512 value for just $247.

Your No Risk, Money Back Guarantee

The fact that you're reading this page shows that you know that taking action against climate change and reducing our impact on the Earth is important. But perhaps you still have some doubt. I get it. Like...

Is this right for where I'm at right now? 

Is this actually going to make it easier for me to make a difference?

Well, that's simple..... Try it.

What others have to say about Simply Sustainable Living....

Makes it easy for everyday Mums 

This program has given me the ideas and tools to make small changes easy enough for everyday life. It makes it easy to see that doing small things here and there can and does make a big difference.
Jess was able to help with specific questions I had around being a new Mum and offered realistic options to be waste conscious. Being a Mum herself, she has faced the same challenges and she has also done a lot of the research herself. 

- Nicole

From overwhelmed Grandmother to feeling good

After watching a documentary on the effects of climate change, I felt really sad, wondering what we are leaving for our children and their children to live with. 

So my journey began but I felt overwhelmed with where to start. It seemed so hard and like I couldn't do enough.

Since starting the Simply Sustainable Living program I feel great with my achievement, no matter if only small steps.  

It is broken down into small segments and there is no pressure in what you do or don’t do but no matter what you decide to do you know it is helping. 

There is lots of ideas given in all areas of living sustainably and you can choose what and how you go about it and there is always help on hand with the Jess and the members page.

- Kay

Yes, I'm ready to enroll in Simply Sustainable Living!

Cashflow friendly

Join with the cashflow friendly option of 3 x monthly installments of $97.


One time payment

Save 15% when you pay in full

Join with the full pay option
just 1 installment of $247



VIP Experience

Get additional one on one support for 12 weeks

1 installment of $797